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Steel Up & Over Garage Doors

Steel Up & Over Garage Doors

Fort Doors manufacture  Steel Up & Over Garage Doors, which are a timeless and reliable choice. Choose a style and colour of your door and you have a strong and secure choice that will look good for years to come with the minimum of effort.

All garage doors in the Up & Over range from Fort Doors are supplied with Canopy gear (up to 9ft max) as standard and also have the option of retractable gear up to 14′ wide.

Please note – for automation please specify retractable gear, canopy gear is not compatible unless a converter is used and we do not recommend this method.

A classic choice of garage door is the Steel Up & Over. Steel Up & Over Garage doors made by Fort Doors in the UK.

Canopy Gear with overhead spring (Left)           Retractable Gear with side spring ready for automation (Right).

Georgian Garage Doors

Security is solid and dependable. The attractive black handle sits easily in the hand and is lockable. Strong steel bracing ensures the door is a barrier to forced entry.

DorridgeThe Steel Georgian Garage Doors from Fort Doors are made in the UK.

The elegant proportions of a Georgian 9 panel and Dorridge 12 panel style are at their very best in this timeless design classic.
(Not available in Smartpass)

Canopy gear is spring assisted and provides a simple and effective solution for doors up to 9’0” wide. Every door is factory finished for excellent corrosion resistance.

Alton White

Alton White

Clean vertical lines give the Vertical a contemporary look. Available in side opening, “Smartpass” and personnel versions.The classic horizontally ribbed door is brought up to date with a choice of rib profiles. The wider the rib the more contemporary the look.


Choose one of twelve colours for your Steel Up & Over Garage Door.


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