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Timber Garage Doors

Timber Garage Doors from UK manufacturer Fort Doors.


The natural beauty of timber shines through on our range of up and over timber garage doors. Benefiting from the same excellent opening mechanism, locking and strong steel chassis, these doors add a classic touch to any home.

If you want to fit your timber garage doors side by side, let us know and we’ll craft a pair finished to a similar shade – remember wood is a natural material and no two doors are alike!




Check the Light Oak on the timber garage doors range from the UK based Fort Doors.

Fairbourne (in Light Oak)- Cedar faced ply & cedar mouldings ¬Bamburgh (in Light Oak) – Cedar boards & mouldings


You can create you own timber garage doors design, with Fort Doors offering an open chassis into which you can fit panels.


If you’d like to create your own design, we offer an open chassis into which you can fit your own panels up to a maximum weight of 7.5 kilograms per square metre.



The timber garage doors are designed with an ergonomic locking handle.



The ergonomic locking handle operates the twin lock latches.






The timber garage doors from Fort Doors are available in a range of seven stylish colours.

Doors are available basecoat treated ready for staining to a shade of your choice or fully finished in the colours above.

Stratford is available in basecoat only.

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