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Steel “Smartpass” Garage Doors

Here is the wicket garage doors range known as Steel “SmartPass”

The Vertical with a “Smartpass” access door built in – an up and over door with a built-in access door for those times when you just don’t need to open the whole door – classic style, intelligent design!

Wicket doors (Smartpass) available up to 9’0” wide

Steel “Smartpass” Garage Doors from Fort Doors


All doors feature a strong sub-chassis with bracing plates to ensure rigidity of the door panel.


Up and over doors feature simple but effective cable operated latches that are engaged and disengaged with the locking handle.




Our wicket garage doors, which offer an extra side-door, are known as Smartpass.smartpass3-big

Every door is factory finished for excellent corrosion resistance.

Aside from the ever popular white, doors are also available in the classic low gloss solid colours shown.

Wicket garage doors from Fort Doors are available in twelve different colours.



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