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Steel Side Hinged Garage Doors

Traditional side hinged doors are easy to operate and so simple. The doors are available in Narrow and Medium Rib in Vertical styles and Wide Rib in horizontal styles.

Fort Doors - Steel Side Hinged Garage Doors

Vertical Medium Rib


Steel Side hinged garage doors available 50:50 or 1/3:2/3 opening up to 14’0” wide.



Side hinged, personnel and smart pass doors employ high grade corrosion protected hinges for smooth operation and elimination of leaf “sag”.



The bottom threshold on premium doors provides an excellent seal against leaves and other debris blowing under your door. It can be removed if a flush threshold is preferred.




Matching personnel doors share the same quality construction and ease of use.









Standard doors have cable latches and shoot bolt security.





The premium option has cable operated latches to the top and bottom of each door leaf, providing easy but effective security.




Top latches







Steel bracing gives side hinged doors a robust feel in every day use. The standard configuration shown above uses twin latches on the active leaf and shoot bolts on the inn-active leaf.







The Premium option includes top stays to hold the door open and a threshold to prevent debris passing under the door. Four point, cable operated latches secure the door leaves.






Aside from the ever popular white, doors are also available in the classic low gloss solid colours shown .

Every door is factory finished for excellent corrosion resistance.

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