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Garage Doors Preview – 2016 Collection

Fort Doors have been called one of the UK’s “newest and most innovative” garage door manufacturers.

Excitingly we are in the process of bringing to market the 2016 collection of garage doors, a new range of modern and stylish designs, all of which are manufactured in the UK.

For instance, below is the new side-hinged Chester garage door with windows that is available in a range of fourteen standard colours and in either a standard or medium ribbed design.

Here is the Side-hinged Chester garage door.from Fort Doors

Another stylish garage door that is part of the 2016 collection is the Alton. Made with a beautiful golden oak and strong laminated steel this garage door is also available in rosewood and can be produced in up-and-over or 50/50 side-hinged design.

Alton Golden Oak garage door

The entire 2016 collection of garage doors will be available in the coming weeks.

Look out for the Fort Doors 2016 Brochure online at the of this month and if you have any requests or garage door related questions, please call us on 0121 749 3699

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